Enhancing Library Collection

Contributor :

Debra Randorf

Action Plan

I will look for English language materials on Islam, for myself and for my school collection. I will also look for books on Moroccan art, history, cultures, etc. that may be suitable for my collection. All the while I will keep my eyes wide-open as you never know what you will observe and what you may later gain from that moment.

Pre-Departure Preparation

As the school librarian for more than 2200 students and 130 faculty members, I am responsible for building a fair and accurate collection to enhance teaching and learning at my schools. I plan to use the experiences and learning that takes place in Morocco to inform my collection development in the areas of Islam and global history. My goal is to curate a collection that accurately reflects Islam historically and today.

Preparation During Travel

I will read the suggested reading list, as well as keep abreast of the current criticisms and controversy of the teaching of Islam in American schools today. Specifically, I will consider the teaching of Islam in my school, and whether it promotes a fundamentalist Islamic agenda as many critics contend.