Darwin’s Voyage Contrasted with Modern Trip to Galapagos

Contributor :

Sam Bostrom

Action Plan

I will ask the locals lots of questions about the history of the islands, the wildlife, evolution and the natural landscape. I will partake in opportunities to learn more with extra side trips or activities when I am there.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I am a life science teacher and we have the following standards if you look at the MN state science standards that are involved in Evolution: I will provide be able to provide personal experience on the Galapagos' Islands when I teach about Darwin's voyage in 1835. I will also be able to teach how the Islands have changed 177 years later and how human impact is influencing not only the Galapagos,' but other ecosystems.

Preparation During Travel

Recently I've been reading the book recommendations for the trip to understand more of the history of the Islands and understand the culture. I will also be reading the Moon travel book, "Trip of a Lifetime: Galapagos Islands" on my flight over.