Contributor :

William Adkins

Action Plan

I will be making regular posts to my blog. I will also be documenting my trip with both photographs and video that will be a resource for the various projects when I return to school.

Pre-Departure Preparation

Each year my students do a variety of project related to my travels. Before we begin our considerations of a place, we create individual "Culture Gauges" that allow us to compare another country to the U.S. We then revisit these gauges after we complete our other projects and learn more about both countries. This process is not only an effective demonstration of learning it can also reveal stereotypes and give new perspective to our understanding of our own culture. Other projects include the creation of a high-relief ceramic tile mural as well as a "Great Adventure" project were my student go somewhere of do something they have never done before and document that experience in a video or other art form.

Preparation During Travel

My students have already created their culture gauges and I have begun my travel blog.