Country Case Study

Contributor :

Ana Baker

Action Plan

During my trip, I need to find examples of women’s empowerment in Jordan; access to secondary education, national legislature participation, and labor force participation. I also would like to learn about health care access for all Jordanians; including mothers and women’s reproductive health. Culturally, I would love to experience and learn about the cultural norms in Jordan and examine the overall standard of living.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I teach AP Human geography to 150 sophomores in my high school. I am particularly interested in Jordan's development and I would like to become an expert on how Jordan's development in the Middle East has coincided with its rich cultural and religious background. I want students to create a case study on Jordan's development and create a country profile using AP Human Geography vocabulary. Students will choose which stage of the Demographic Transition Model Jordan fits in and explain through statistical evidence why they chose that stage. Students will match their information with the information I take from this trip and research on my own.

Preparation During Travel

I will research Jordan's history and examine current HDI ratings with older HDI ratings and analyze the advancements the country has made. This will allow me to ask more direct questions to understand the details behind the development.