Buddhism and Hinduism

Contributor :

Ponah Gillespie

Action Plan

I plan to take pictures of Hindu and Buddhist practices as I see them. I hope to buy a music cd and other cultural tokens that can help create atmosphere. I especially want to gather information and explore Lumbini.

Pre-Departure Preparation

In my world history classes, I teach my students about Buddhism. I would like to understand the world in which Siddhartha lived and share with my students the Buddha's journey in an experiential way. I plan to take pictures and collect materials they can see and/or touch. I also plan to guide them through a meditation. I would also like to be able to put together a powerpoint about Hinduism to be able to provide context. Another area of interest for curriculum development is India's independence and Gandhi's role.

Preparation During Travel

I will read An Introduction to the Buddha and His Teachings. I will also do some research on Lumbini.