Bringing Culture of Costa Rica to Spanish Class

Contributor :

Lauren Fitzgerald

Action Plan

I will take advantage of the opportunities to speak with locals and of all outdoor adventure opportunities. I look forward to asking many questions and journaling all experiences. I will take countless photos of people, nature, food, and architecture. I will gather all ticket stubs, maps, menus, and other artifacts to bring as souvenirs/realia for class.

Pre-Departure Preparation

Spanish: Incorporate culture of Costa Rica into the curriculum; use authentic realia gathered from items purchased/collected and from photos to talk about the history, environment and culture of the Central American country. Using realia in target language (Spanish) as a way of teaching vocabulary and grammar in authentic context. ESL: Incorporate current event readings from popular national and domestic news sources (NYTimes, BBC News, etc.) Have students bring in an article on Costa Rica and share with the class, create meaningful discussions/Socratic Seminar. Also utilizing photos from CR as a means for creating discussion using numerous literary elements.

Preparation During Travel

I will research history and background of Costa Rica: How did the Spanish conquer? Who are the major political forces? What role does the natural environment play in the culture of the country?