Contributor :

Rosemary Conroy

Action Plan

I will take pictures to help with the classroom teacher overview presentation and will engage and dialogue with the local tour guide and hopefully some educators to find out how the genocide is being taught and how they are moving forward.

Pre-Departure Preparation

The common thread that runs throughout my curriculum is social justice so I plan to develop a lesson or a unit on the Bosnian genocide. Using an inquiry method I want my students to explore the history, culture, religious and political factors that contributed to this event. I would also like my students to explore what is currently being done in Bosnia to bring about reconciliation and what efforts are being made in the educational system to promote tolerance and acceptance of diversity. I want to supplement this lesson unit with some literary selections such as Zlata's Diary, the Cellist of Sarajevo, and Miracle in Mostar;

Preparation During Travel

I need to do pre-trip research and reading to assure that I am prepared to ask intelligent and probing questions