Biomes of India and Nepal

Contributor :

Kevin Williams

Action Plan

I will make careful observations and notes, and take photographs of plant and animal species that are characteristic of biomes in northern India and Nepal. I will talk to local naturalists on species identification and the challenges of, and opportunities for, habitat preservation. I will note and photograph examples of habitat destruction and conservation.

Pre-Departure Preparation

Biomes, biodiversity, adaptations, niche, populations, species, food webs, and ecosystems are part of my middle school life science curriculum. Students will be shown photographs of plant and animal species of biomes in northern India and Nepal, and work together in pairs or small groups to identify the biome(s) and analyze what adaptations organisms would need to survive in these biomes. Students will research the ecological niches of the various species. They will apply this knowledge to describe how the various species interact as communities (and food webs), and how they interact with the environment as ecosystems. The importance of intact habitat to biodiversity will be stressed, and photographs will be taken of habitat destruction and conservation and used for discussion and analysis of these topics.

Preparation During Travel

I will research the biomes, and plant and animal species that occur in northern India and Nepal. I will research conservation efforts of each country that are intended to preserve such habitat, or mitigate human impacts on them.