Benjamin Franklin in Paris

Contributor :

Kristina Johnson

Action Plan

Visit Passy, Versailles, and other places Franklin was known to frequent, live at, and work as ambassador. I will take lots of photos and films. I will sample foods and seek out music and any other primary source materials to enhance my mini-unit.

Pre-Departure Preparation

My 5th grade students learn about the American Revolution and I plan on adding a unit about Benjamin Franklin and his role as the first American ambassador. He served as the minister to France from 1778 to 1785 and resided in the suburb of Passy, two miles outside of Paris. Students will not only get the historical significance of Franklin's success in securing the Treaty of Alliance and the Treaty of Amity and Commerce, along with military support, they will also get a deeper understanding of the French Culture. Our mini-unit will culminate in a simulation of a typical dinner party with the wealthy and bourgeois French society that combined politics with pleasure. We will sample foods and music from the time period and read from primary source letters of Franklin himself.

Preparation During Travel

I am researching where to go in Passy to see Franklin's statue and to take pictures of the area. I will research the food and music of the late 1700's. I am researching places Franklin visited, lived, and worked as ambassador.