Animals of Costa Rica Book

Contributor :

Vanessa Nesbitt

Action Plan

While there, I want to take a lot of pictures of the animals I see as well as the area they live in. I want to research the animals that I am seeing and take a lot of notes that I can bring back to make my book. I also will take advantage of all of the guided tours available on the trip.

Pre-Departure Preparation

For our science and social studies standards in Kindergarten, we do a lot with animals and animal habitats. I would like to create a powerpoint or hard copy book with all of my pictures of animals from my trip and how they fit in their habitat. This book or powerpoint can be used across all 3 kindergarten classrooms, reaching more students.

Preparation During Travel

I am reading Monkeys are Made of Chocolate: Exotic and Unseen Costa Rica by Jack Ewing which gives a lot of information about the types of wildlife I will be viewing. I also will buy a wildlife guide to Costa Rica so that I can research while I am there.