Traveling Safely During COVID-19

Updated September 1, 2021


At GEEO, our goal is to provide educators and their guests the opportunity to see new places and experience exciting and unique adventures but to do so in a safe and responsible manner. Because COVID-19 remains a concern, we all need to be cautious and flexible. In the summer of 2021, GEEO was able to send 160 people abroad without any known resulting COVID infections. We will continue to proceed carefully in 2022 and adjust our plans throughout the year to keep our travelers as safe as possible. The information below details how we intend to move forward with our programming while this pandemic is still a factor.

All GEEO participants are required to:

  1. Be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 before departing and have written proof of vaccination.
  2. Comply with in-country safety requirements including testing, contact tracing, and masking.
  3. Follow your tour leader’s safety guidance once you join the GEEO group.

We will determine which trips are possible to run using these parameters:

  1. Is it safe for our vaccinated travelers to travel to the location? This mostly comes down to the abundance of COVID-19 variants, the intensity of spread, health system capacity issues, and the vaccination rate in that location. Our team monitors updates from the CDC and updates our travelers as their departure dates approach.
  2. Do our vaccinated travelers place locals in danger through the possibility of COVID-19 spread? While it’s impossible to completely eliminate risk, according to the CDC (as of 8/12/21) fully vaccinated travelers are less likely to contract and spread COVID-19. By requiring vaccination, travel insurance, and compliance with local safety guidelines, we minimize the possibility of our travelers burdening local healthcare systems.
  3. Are there entry or quarantine restrictions that would make it difficult or impossible to travel to the location for leisure travel? We keep track of all entry and exit requirements for each program and help our participants navigate travel in this “new normal.” If you scroll below you can find the relevant embassy websites with entry information for our current programs.
  4. Do we have at least six travelers who are vaccinated and committed to travel on this program? Let’s go, then!

It is OK if you change your mind about traveling between the time of booking and 61 days before departure. You can cancel your booking, and your deposit will be put on file for future use. Cancelations 60 days or closer to departure will follow our regular cancelation policy. If we charge the final payment for a program but then need to suspend that program due to changing circumstances, those funds will not be refunded. Instead, those funds would be held as a travel credit and can be used towards future travel within the following 24 months.

Our tour operator partner G Adventures has implemented new health and safety procedures that aim to keep you safe from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave, without taking away from having the time of your life. The policy will evolve as time goes on and as we continue to monitor local public health recommendations, but what won’t change is our commitment to keeping you safe as you explore our big, beautiful world.

The new policies are built around five pillars:

Smaller is better
Our groups have always been small (on average 12 travelers) to encourage connections, access places overlooked by larger groups, and give travelers plenty of personal space — even before physical distancing. We will continue to foster connections with newly created measures to keep everyone safe.

Our Tour Leaders
Our tour leaders are responsible for our travelers having the time of their lives, which includes keeping them safe and happy. With local knowledge, 24/7 support from our field staff around the globe, and new health and safety training, our tour leaders will continue to do everything they can to ensure that our travelers enjoy their adventure in whatever way makes them most comfortable.

Getting around
Whether on the road or the high seas, our private vehicles and boats will now feature daily assigned seating and undergo daily deep cleaning of all surfaces.  We will replace public transport on our itineraries with private transport when possible.

Sleep soundly
We have always selected our accommodation partners carefully, and now we are working with them to create new procedures to further protect our travelers’ health and safety. Because we travel in small groups, we stay at smaller hotels — which means fewer guests. Not only does this give travelers the opportunity to spend quality time together (with appropriate distancing), but they’ll come in contact with fewer people, too.

Good (and safe) eats
Food is half the reason we travel (let alone leave the house), so we know how crucial it is that our travelers feel safe whenever we stop for a meal. We will continue to only include eating experiences on tour where good hygiene is maintained and physical distancing can now be practiced.

The GEEO staff and board are committed to continuing to help teachers travel and bring the world to their classrooms for many years to come. Global education and compassion for our neighbors around the world are more important than ever, and we’re grateful for your dedication to our mission.

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we all navigate this changing world. Feel free to reach out by email or call us at 1-877-600-0105 with any questions.

COVID-19 Information from United States Embassies Abroad: 2022 Program Destinations

Program Name Countries Visited U.S. Embassy COVID-19 Information
Winter 2021
Iceland Northern Lights 12/18/2021 Iceland
Mayan Mexico w/ U Arizona Mexico
Moorish Spain 12/18/2021 Spain
Egypt 12/19/2021 w/ NYU Egypt
Egypt 12/19/2021 w/ Portland State Egypt
Galapagos 12/19/2021 Ecuador
Galapagos 12/22/2021 Ecuador
Mt. Kilimanjaro Trek Tanzania
Moorish Spain 12/23/2021 Spain
Iceland Northern Lights 12/25/2021 Iceland
Iceland Northern Lights 12/26/2021 Iceland
Portugal 12/26/2021 Portugal
Portugal 2/19/2022 Portugal
Spring 2022
Hiking the Azores 3/12/2022 Portugal
Jordan 3/12/2022 Jordan
Moorish Spain 3/12/2022 w/ UT Austin Spain
Hiking the Azores 3/21/2022 Portugal
Portugal 3/26/2022 Portugal
Northern Sicily Italy
Hiking the Azores 4/9/2022 Portugal
Jordan 4/9/2022 w/ UNC-Duke Jordan
Costa Rica 4/16/2022 Costa Rica
Summer 2022
Italy Italy
Armenia and Georgia 6/20/2022 Armenia
Jordan 6/24/2022 Jordan
Central Europe Germany
Czech Republic
Egypt 6/26/2022 Egypt
Galapagos 6/26/2022 Ecuador
Iceland Iceland
Tanzania Tanzania
Scotland For Families 6/29/2022 United Kingdom
Vietnam/Cambodia Vietnam
Heart of the Silk Road w/ UPenn Uzbekistan
Kyrgyz Republic
Israel Israel
Baltics 7/6/2022 Lithuania
Peru Peru
Costa Rica For Families Costa Rica
Portugal 7/8/2022 Portugal
Scotland For Families 7/8/2022 United Kingdom
Alaska United States (Alaska)
Balkans Hungary
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Southern Africa Zimbabwe
South Africa
Budapest to Bulgaria Hungary
Jordan 7/10/2022 Jordan
Armenia and Georgia 7/15/2022 Armenia
Morocco 7/15/2022 w/ U Michigan Morocco
Bangkok to Hanoi w/ U Michigan Thailand
Costa Rica 7/16/2022 Costa Rica
Ireland w/ UT Austin Ireland
Maldives 7/16/2022 Maldives
Moorish Spain 7/16/2022 Spain
Greece Greece
Turkey Turkey
Maldives 7/19/2022 w/ UT Austin Maldives
Canadian Rockies Canada
Baltics 7/24/2022 Lithuania
Galapagos 7/24/2022 Ecuador
Scotland 7/24/2022 United Kingdom
India and Nepal 7/26/2022 India
India and Nepal 7/28/2022 w/ UW-Madison India
Egypt 7/31/2022 Egypt
Iceland 8/14/2022 Iceland
Private Groups
Lynn’s Costa Rica Costa Rica
NCTA Japan Japan
Bali w/ Traveling Teachers Indonesia
WTU Morocco Morocco
C-GEO Tanzania Tanzania
Bill Howe’s Ireland Ireland
Amy’s Southern Africa Zimbabwe
South Africa