Traveling Safely During COVID-19

Updated August 22nd, 2023

At GEEO, our goal is to provide educators and their guests the opportunity to see new places and experience exciting and unique adventures but to do so in a safe and responsible manner. While the world is learning to live with COVID-19, the pandemic and period outbreaks remain a concern, and we all need to be cautious and flexible. We will continue to proceed carefully and adjust our plans as required to keep our travelers as safe as possible. The information below details how we intend to move forward with our programming while this pandemic is still a factor.

All GEEO participants are required to:

  1. Comply with in-country safety requirements including vaccination, testing, and masking where required. At this time, nearly all countries have dropped all COVID-related precautions.
  2. Follow your tour leader’s safety guidance once you join the GEEO group.

We also recommend that GEEO participants:

  1. Purchase trip cancelation insurance. While all our participants are required to have medical travel insurance, trip cancelation insurance is optional and can be purchased for an additional fee. Spending a bit extra on cancelation insurance is very much worth it if you happen to test positive for COVID before or during your travels! Our preferred travel insurance provider, Volunteer Card, offers trip cancelation insurance for 6.5% of the amount that you want to cover. For example, if you want to cover $2,000 of your trip expenses with cancelation insurance, that would cost $130. With the uncertainty of travel during a pandemic, we highly recommend taking this extra step!
  2. Take extra caution to prevent illness before and during your trip. This includes staying up to date on your COVID-19 vaccinations and avoiding large crowds in the weeks leading up to your trip. Listen to your tour leader’s advice about whether you need to wear a mask during your trip. At this time we do not expect our travelers will need to wear masks unless they are exhibiting symptoms. All travelers should pack a supply of clean masks just in case there is an outbreak while traveling. Our team enjoys ordering from Bonafide Masks. If you prefer an American-made mask, see Project N95.
  3. Test yourself if you develop symptoms before, during, and after traveling. While your symptoms might seem like allergies, it’s important that you’re vigilant for your own health and that of your fellow travelers. All travelers should bring a supply of COVID testing kits with them on our trips.
  4. Stay informed about the pandemic through science-based sources such as Your Local Epidemiologist, Our World in Data, and the CDC.

Postponing Your Trip

It is okay if you change your mind about traveling between the time of booking and 61 days before departure. You can cancel your booking, and your deposit will be put on file for future use. Cancelations 60 days or closer to departure will follow our regular cancelation policy.

G Adventures Health and Safety Procedures

Our tour operator partner G Adventures has implemented health and safety procedures that aim to keep you safe from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave, without taking away from having the time of your life. The policy will evolve as time goes on and as we continue to monitor local public health recommendations, but what won’t change is our commitment to keeping you safe as you explore our big, beautiful world.

  • Smaller is better: Our groups have always been small (on average 12 travelers) to encourage connections and access places overlooked by larger groups.
  • Our Tour Leaders: Our tour leaders are responsible for our travelers having the time of their lives, which includes keeping them safe and happy. With local knowledge, 24/7 support from our field staff around the globe, and new health and safety training, our tour leaders will continue to do everything they can to ensure that our travelers enjoy their adventure in whatever way makes them most comfortable.
  • Sleep soundly: We have always selected our accommodation partners carefully, and now we are working with them to create new procedures to further protect our travelers’ health and safety. Because we travel in small groups, we stay at smaller hotels — which means fewer guests. Not only does this give travelers the opportunity to spend quality time together (with appropriate distancing), but they’ll come in contact with fewer people, too.

The GEEO staff and board are committed to continuing to help teachers travel and bring the world to their classrooms for many years to come. Global education and compassion for our neighbors around the world are more important than ever, and we’re grateful for your dedication to our mission.