Where can I purchase travel insurance?

It is mandatory for all of our travelers to have travel health insurance that covers emergency medical, evacuation, and repatriation to the sum of $200,000 USD. Regular health insurance plans almost never include emergency evacuation and repatriation insurance, so you will almost certainly need to purchase a separate TRAVEL health insurance plan.

You are welcome to use any travel insurance company you like. In order to receive your trip vouchers, you must enter your insurance information into our tour operator’s online check-in system, Good To Go. You will receive a login to the Good to Go system roughly two months before departure. We recommend the International Volunteer Card (IVC).

The IVC card has a $47 plan (Plus Plan) that includes the amount of travel medical, evacuation, and repatriation insurance you need for our programs, plus other trip insurance benefits. The card will also get you discounts and benefits at many locations, including many museums and hotels. Do NOT buy the Basic Plan that they offer, as it does not have enough coverage for our programs. Anyone from any country of any age can purchase an IVC card. Another great thing about the IVC Card is that it covers you for an entire year and can be used for all your international travel for any trip 90 days or less in duration. While not required, we recommend purchasing cancellation insurance. For the IVC card you can purchase cancellation insurance on your trip and flights for 5% of however much you wish to cover. This can be purchased on their website when you buy the card. To buy the IVC card you can follow this Link.