Volcanic and Tectonic Activity Around iceland

Contributor :

Amanda Wiley

Action Plan

I will photograph ecological features that I think could be useful in sharing these ideas with my students. I will talk with any experts or people living in these regions about their experiences with the Icelandic habitats. I will research the history and ecology of these features on some of my free nights.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I am a middle school science teacher. My hope is that in the course of this trip I can garner photographs and experiences that I can use in multiple lessons. I am especially considering possible applications to topics in geology, physics, biology, meteorology, ecology, and sustainability. One lesson in particular that I want to develop is to be able to photograph different facets of volcanic and tectonic activity around Iceland and use it to demonstrate how dynamic volcanoes are and all the different pieces we need to consider as humans when living at a volcanic area. Using Iceland as a example I would then have my students research other volcanic areas around the world and create their own profile of the region with features that are impacted by the volcanic activity and how the people who live there interact with that area.

Preparation During Travel

I am researching the different volcanic features of Iceland, especially the ones we are scheduled to visit and the divergent plate boundary causing it. I am especially hoping to learn more about the towns and cities and how the ecosystems of Iceland (volcanic and glacial activity, wind and ocean currents, weather patterns, etc.) have helped determined where and why people have settled.