Various Science Activities

Contributor :

Selene Willis

Action Plan

I am not sure. If there is a school I could visit or speak with a geologist from a university there. That might be helpful.

Pre-Departure Preparation

1) I would like to compare the topography of the land to what is in Morocco. Florida is very flat and we live in a coastal area so the flora and fauna will be starkly different. 2) I also teach Rocks and Minerals so I hope I can maybe collect rocks from some places (that I am allowed to) to show how they fall into the three categories of rocks and analyzing how they were formed based on the topography and land features. 3)Taking pictures of any signs that have metric measurements to go along with our metric system unit. 4)I also want to work with our Social Studies teacher when she teaches Africa continent to share specific things about Morocco during her Unit. 5) I would love to also see how they teach science at a school, not sure how to work that in there. This will add a wonderful cultural component to many lessons so that I am not just teaching from one perspective.

Preparation During Travel

Yes, land features to I can figure out how some of the rocks may have been formed. Collaborating with SS teacher to gather info she would like me to collect.