Various History Activities

Contributor :

Sharon Maloney

Action Plan

Have camera at “the ready-“–Plan a daily itinerary of sights to cover— Collect brochures and booklets, and maps of various cities and sights.

Pre-Departure Preparation

Provide for students opportunities to learn about Italy by: Using maps and pictures and brochures gathered (taken and purchased)---of Antiquity and comparing and contrasting these edifices with modern buildings for a comparison of materials used, structure and design. Visiting different sights and cities and compare topography, geography and development of Economy over time. (produce, etc. Distinguishing the various cities highlights from one another and compare/contrast differences (through charts, powerpoint presentations, etc.) Develop a TIME LINE of events, from small villages to Empires over time.

Preparation During Travel

I am researching History and Economy through four historical texts and four travel books.