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Kim Goldsmith

Action Plan

I will purchase a children’s book from the various countries if I can find one to read with my students. The books should have folk tales or talk about various aspects the countries. During the trip, I will take pictures of all of the places we visit to use for an informational slideshow about the different countries in my class and for my bulletin board in the hallway. I will see if I have any opportunities to meet with a special education professional or visit a special school. For meals, I will try various local foods and look for a recipe book or the the names of dishes I want to make with my students upon return. I will take a cooking class or a food tour if there is an opportunity.

Pre-Departure Preparation

Preparation During Travel

I will inform teachers about my trip in case they would like me to pick up anything for their classes or take any specific photographs. I will look up special education in the various countries to see if there may be a special school I can visit. I will also just read some basic information, since I do not know very much about any of the "Stans." I will meet with a teacher from my school who lived in Kazakhstan.