Contributor :

Jessica Ohly

Action Plan

Make sure I take care of opportunities to see and learn about art and ancient cultures. I arrive in Rome early and may try and fit in a visit to Pompeii.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I would like to do a couple of pieces. One component of our curriculum is looking at ancient civilizations that lived in the 4 corners region of the United States. I would like to take pictures and gather resources about ancient civilizations in Italy so we can compare the cultures. I am specifically thinking about architectural styles and food sources. My other piece is focusing on some Renaissance Art pieces-taking pictures, remembering my college art courses of long ago, and reading resources in order to do an "Art Around" presentation for my 5th graders. Arts Around is a supplemental program in my school where students are asked to look at and learn about art in a variety of ways. This will likely be a slideshow with postcards and prints.

Preparation During Travel

Not at this time.