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William Adkins

Action Plan

As stated in my lesson plan, I will focus my research on Islamic patterns and street art. I will also be taking many photographs and video.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I go abroad every summer and incorporate my travel experiences into my classroom through a variety of projects. Before the end of each school year I begin a travel blog for my students, colleagues and friends: When I return in the fall, my electronic media students and I produce a video documentary of my "Great Adventure". Segments of this documentary are also published on YouTube. Once the documentary is produced, all of my students view it to use it as inspiration to create their own "Great Adventure" documentary. I encourage them to go somewhere they have never been or do something they have never done and then document their experience in a variety of art forms. Another popular project that my students do is the creation of a high-relief, ceramic tile mural. This year's "Great Multi-Stan Adventure" will emphasize the Soviet era Russian influences and Muslim culture in Central Asia. I will be paying particular attention to Islamic inspired patterns and whatever street art (graffiti) I might encounter.

Preparation During Travel

I have already begun my blog: