Travel Journaling

Contributor :

Jane Sprague

Action Plan

I plan to take copious notes and many different types of photos throughout the trip, from architecture and signage to nature and people and their attire (when appropriate). I will make sure to get photos of myself to show how I adapt to the setting.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I teach a unit each year on the salt and gold trade across Northern Africa to my SIFE students, as well as a unit on world religion in my Global History classes, both of which discuss cultural diffusion and the spread of Islam across this region. I would like to use my personal photographs and experiences from this trip to increase student interest and to include more current events and real-life examples. In my SIFE classes students create travel journals and I plan to create my own travel journal as an exemplar.

Preparation During Travel

I have already attended seminars that included lectures on the region and studied Arabic and French. I will continue to do so with my Moroccan coworker, as well as seeking out additional readings on the history of the region