Trans Saharan Trade Route and Mystery Bags

Contributor :

Lynn O'Brien

Action Plan

I need to take photos and video of the places we go and the people we encounter and meet. I also need to collect artifacts for my mystery bag.

Pre-Departure Preparation

-I teach lessons on the Trans-Saharan Trade Route and the interconnectedness of the trade routes. I will incorporate my new learning into my current lesson plans but expand the lessons to include more information for what I have learned. This will include a Google Slides presentation for my classes and my International Club. -On the first day of Global Studies class I give each pair of students a brown paper bag. Inside are artifacts from a country I visited that they will be studying this year. Students present their bags to the class. There is discussion and passing of artifacts. The class uses clues to figure out what country is represented. They get an overview of my class in a period. I will create a bag for Morocco. I will also expand this activity to include mapping of the country and create a document of questions they would like to explore. When we get to that country I can be sure their questions are addressed.

Preparation During Travel

I need to prepare for my trip by researching and reading information about the culture, history and sites to be visited. I get more out of what I see when I know a bit before seeing it. I find I learn the most when I come home and reread what I read prior to departure because it makes more sense after I have experienced it.