Timeline and Art Over Time

Contributor :

Lauren Dunning

Action Plan

I will need to be looking for artifacts to use in the classroom, taking photographs, and collecting any information that could be useful.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I teach at a Museums magnet elementary school with lots of opportunities for arts integration and cross curricular integration through coached projects and seminars. There are two ways I would like to integrate my experience into the classroom. First, one of our units is about history, timelines, change over time, and the impact of individuals on history. I would like to use artifacts and information gathered on the trip to help my students learn about different historical aspects of India. More specifically I would like to focus in on how art has changed over time in India and the influence of particular artists. (If possible)

Preparation During Travel

I've been doing research on the places we are visiting and finding local resources for the project during the school year.