Tibetan Prayer Flags

Contributor :

Thomas Holaday

Action Plan

As stated above I will be on the look out for artist making art both in Kathmandu and Tibet. I also plan on buying some great examples of art as well.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I teach art and plan on having my students create their own Tibetan prayer flags. First we will look at the traditional colors and how they represent the elements. We will talk about how the meaning is to spread good will and compassion and how we could spread this around our School. Students will make their own, and create images for each element. Working with the science teachers I hope to combine some form of science with the elements as well. This is one of my goals, to create a more STEAM based art curriculum. Another option is to have students make their flags and create compassionate messages to others, and hang them during our yearly art show. Another idea is to create a sand mandala. This would be tied into our local Native American tradition. Students will understand both cultures art a little better and see that all over the world people do create art, sometimes in very similar ways.

Preparation During Travel

Just be prepared to take a lot of pictures and look for examples of art and even artists making art.