The Rise of White Supremacists and Anti-Immigrant Governments

Contributor :

Jeanette Ben Farhat

Action Plan

At the trip to Auschwitz and other remembrances of the Holocaust I will take photos to be incorporated into my presentation on the dark history of racist/nationalist movements. I will also take photos of graffiti related to refugees.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I teach International relations and U.S. Government courses. Immigration and the plight of refugees is one of the topics I discuss in both classes. Many of my students are particularly interested in the rise of white supremacist and anti-immigrant movements in the U.S. and the connection between these movements and similar trends in Europe including the rise of AfD in Germany, Victor Orban and the Fidesz party in Hungary, Poland's Law and Justice Party, and the Austrian Freedom Party. I will develop units to discuss these movements and efforts in Europe and the U.S. to counter these trends.

Preparation During Travel

I will read about the various nationalist movements emerging in Europe and the human rights issues facing Syrian and other refugees.