The Nile River’s Impact on the People of Egypt

Contributor :

Brielle Carlson

Action Plan

I will be visiting with local people and tour guides as we ride down the Nile on the felucca boat as well as visiting the Aswan High Dam. I will document these interactions and experiences through photos and videos.

Pre-Departure Preparation

As a Social Studies teacher, there is a wide array of possibilities that I could incorporate within my classroom. One of the lessons that I plan to explore with my 9th grade Geography students is the human-environment interaction between the citizens of Egypt and the Nile River. Students would analyze the historical role the Nile River had on Egyptian civilizations and the modern day role it plays today for Egyptian citizens. Positive and negative human environment interactions will be explored as well as how the Aswan High Dam has had an impact on Egypt's economy, agriculture, and people.

Preparation During Travel

Research the role the Nile River played historically and today as well as the events surrounding the creation of the Aswan High Dam.