The Impact of Central Europe on the US

Contributor :

J. Kye Sherrod

Action Plan

I plan on taking first-hand photographs of important landmarks, such as the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, to use in my lecture PowerPoint presentations. I will take full advantage of the museums, to gather more information about the region to also use in my lectures.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I am an AP U.S. History teacher and I plan on using the experiences and information gathered during this trip to help further illustrate how this region of the world has affected the United States throughout history. I will be visiting museums, exploring the arts and culture of the region, as well as landmarks that have significant importance regarding events like the two world wars and the Cold War. I plan on showing students pictures and share stories of what I have learned on this trip.

Preparation During Travel

I have been studying the histories of many of the places we will be visiting on this trip.