The Balkans in World History

Contributor :

Nicole Willard

Action Plan

In addition to visiting the sites planned and taking photos, I will visit historical museums and places of interest when the opportunity arises. We are already scheduled to visit such places as the Latin Bridge and Tunnel of Life, which I will use in my work with students.

Pre-Departure Preparation

As a history teacher I find the Balkans to be a very confusing area for students to understand, but an important area in terms of 20th century History. I plan to create PowerPoint presentations for both my World History and AP European History classes in order to bring the diversity of this area to my students. My AP students will create a One Pager which is a single-page response that shows their understanding of the various conflicts and crises in the Balkans as well as the diversity of the area. In a One-Pager my World History students will focus on the diversity of the area as well as the assassination that led to WWI since this is the main aspect of their curriculum.

Preparation During Travel

I am currently reading "Balkan Ghosts: A Journey Through History", and I plan to do additional research on the places we will visit.