Terrace Farming

Contributor :

Lynn O'Brien

Action Plan

I will take notes as our guides present information. I will take pictures and video which I will incorporate in future lessons. My students tend to pay more attention when they see me in a photo and when they they know I took the pictures.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I plan to bring the information I obtain and pictures I take of the Inca roads and terrace farming back to my students. I will tie the terrace farming in with geography- mountains, climate. These topics are covered in my Global I class. In addition to my classes I also run an International Club at my school. have guests present their international travel experiences to my group. This trip will be presented to my club and possibly at my school districts Social Studies Conference.

Preparation During Travel

I will research basic information on the Inca roads and terrace farming. Current students asked me questions that I get the answers to while I listen to our guides and ask questions of them.