Sustainable Lifestyles

Contributor :

Kristen Conklin

Action Plan

I will speak with locals at villages and various workers to have a better understanding of limitations on the island. I will ask their point of view on the palm oil industry and gain an understanding on the natives respect for nature and biodiversity. Understanding both sides of this ongoing issue will help me create an unbiased unit to teach my students. I will also take time to visit schools to discover the educational system of Indonesia. Pictures will be used to document the journey.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I am a science teacher and would like to teach my students about sustainable resources and human impact on the environment. Many of the units we teach are geared towards ecology, human impact and sustainable lifestyles. I plan to research the way of life in Bali and take back concepts and real life examples of sustainable living for my students in addition to tackling the issues of the Indonesian Palm Oil catastrophe which leads to the decline of biodiversity and rainforests. Upon arrival back in the states, I will have a better understanding of the culture, lifestyles and overall history of the Indonesian islands of Bali and Lombok which will in turn allow me to properly educate my students with factual information from the source.

Preparation During Travel

Prior to my departure I will research customs and history of the lands of Bali. I will also research the geological makeup of the volcanic islands, the endemic species that live in Indonesia and take note on specific biodiversity in relationship to human building and construction. Prior to the trip, I will also research the plantations, focused on Palm Oil industries as a topic of interest and research during the excursion.