Supplement Teaching Materials for Galapagos Lessons

Contributor :

Deanna McClung

Action Plan

I will be a typical tourist and snap pictures constantly! I’ll also take video when I can.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I teach evolution in my Biology and AP Biology classes. Currently I show Scientific American Frontiers clips on organisms found in the Galapagos Islands (Mocking Birds, Finches, Marine Iguanas, Masked Boobies & to a lesser degree the tortoises) related to their macro and microevolution. I plan to put together my own video/picture show of evidence of evolution of as many species as I can to use in class. I would share the finished product with my other bio teachers

Preparation During Travel

I will research organisms I can expect to encounter and their natural history so I can look for specific evidence of their evolution to record. I'll get a field guide and make notes in it and a journal as well.