Speak and Write About a Trip

Contributor :

Lori Geeslin

Action Plan

I will take time during the trip to think about my questions and write some notes and answers in a journal. I will also take pictures that I will be able to use during my presentation.

Pre-Departure Preparation

Students will write and speak about a trip they have taken. It can be to somewhere as far as Southeast Asia or as close as the park on their street. Any trip will work. Students will answer questions to get ideas flowing. Then they will plan, organize, and write a paper describing the trip. Then they will share their ideas about the trip with the class by giving a presentation. Students will be welcome to use index cards, read their writing, bring pictures, objects, maps, etc. I will complete the project using my GEEO trip Bangkok to Hanoi and another trip very close to home. I will share both examples with students before they begin the project.

Preparation During Travel

I needed to write my list of questions so I can answer them. Here they are so far: What were you most looking forward to? Were you scared or nervous about anything? How did it go? How did you get there? Did you go with anyone else? Did you meet anyone new? What did you see? hear? smell? taste? touch? feel? What was your favorite part? Why? What do you miss most now that you're home? What was your least favorite part? Why? What was the biggest challenge you faced and what did you do about it? Do you recommend the trip to others? Who would like it? And why? How is the place you visited similar to home? How is it different from home? Does this place remind you of any other place? What makes the place special? What surprised you the most? What did you learn about yourself? about others? about the world around you?