Spanish Activity Inspiration

Contributor :

Darlene Coomer

Action Plan

SPANISH 1: I must insure that my photos have varied and interesting subject matter so that students can create sentences with the vocabulary that we are covering. I must note names of animals so that I can get good translations of any ones I am unfamiliar with in Spanish.

SPANISH 2 : I must note places, food, activities, transportation and costs along the way.
Also I need to collect cultural, historical, and geographical information to be able to guide the students to some of the information they may need.

Pre-Departure Preparation

SPANISH 1 : I will use pictures from the trip as prompts for writing descriptive sentences about animals and places using forms of ser and estar. Students will need to use the correct verb and form with descriptive adjectives to create interesting sentences. Students will also learn the spanish word for the animal they are describing. SPANISH 2 : Students will work in groups of three to research an imaginary trip to Africa. They will look up airfares, lodging, food, and cultural and nature related activities to do while they are there. They will also research the history and geography of the region they choose. They will report to the class in Spanish what things they ate, saw, and did using the 2 forms of the past tense.

Preparation During Travel

I need to examine our newly adapted Spanish books to find out at what point of the year these assignments will fit with the curriculum.