South Asian Art For Personal Wellness

Contributor :

Victor McDermott

Action Plan

While in South Asia, I plan to attend as many theatrical performances as possible. I plan to immerse in the language and culture to find cultural connections that I can share with my students. I will keep a photo journal and share updated information on social media.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I teach performing arts with an emphasis on therapeutic music and drama. I'm very interested in South Asian culture in respect to the arts for personal wellness. I would like to give my student some tools, and perspective on using the arts for greater social development and self awareness. I will deliver a presentation on the trip for my classes and for the whole school.

Preparation During Travel

I plan to meet with one of our newest volunteers, who has been facilitating a Mandarin Chinese club. She is from China and I plan to learn some basic Mandarin phrases. I also plan to engage with our learning community (parents, teachers, students) about the trip to promote our international trip next year.