Sharing in the Context of a Librarian

Contributor :

Amy Popp

Action Plan

I will keep a travel journal, take photos, and collect souvenirs (such as pamphlets, maps, things I find in nature) during my trip.

Pre-Departure Preparation

Yes, every year when I return to school, I share my experiences I have had on my GEEO trip with all of my classes. My students range in age from kindergarten to grade five. I usually show them photos through a Google Slides Show and also create a display as well. For my fourth and fifth grade students, I usually integrate my experience into their research. So, I will most likely have a unit on the Camino de Santiago next fall and my students will conduct research on this area and the history of the walk.

Preparation During Travel

I will do my own research on the Camino de Santiago. I have purchased a book on Spain and have been research information on several websites. I would like to purchase books in Spain with more information as well.