Self-Regulating Strategies

Contributor :

Jennifer Losinski

Action Plan

During my trip I will need to take pictures of me modeling the strategies/feelings I want to bring back to my students as well as explanations of how these connect to my students. Especially because many of them may not be familiar with feelings of traveling- not long distances. But the emotions I feel throughout the trip will be similar to ones they may have experienced before. Showing them that these different strategies can/do work for so many different things can help as a buy in for them to try them (and maybe like them, and use them in the future).

Pre-Departure Preparation

I work with students with behaviors disorders- all of them work on self-regulation. One thing that I would like to bring in to my classroom is the different practices that I might use throughout my trip (when doing something I've never done before i.e. using mindful breathing when nervous/scared, looking at pictures of my family when I miss them, etc).

Preparation During Travel

Making sure I have my different strategies that I am going to model in mind, and the different places I might be able to model them.