Same, Same But Different

Contributor :

Connie Amon

Action Plan

I hope to make connections with educators in Peru who would be willing to communicate with my students virtually or through mail. It would be great if we could actually have Peruvian students work with us on this project and share their illustrations and text with us! I will also take pictures and and talk to educators, and maybe children and families, about their experiences.

Pre-Departure Preparation

Using the book Same, Same But Different by Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw as a mentor text, my third and fourth grade students will create a book comparing things about their lives in Chicago to students' lives in Peru. They will illustrate and write text that answers questions such as: What do I do in my free time? Where do I live and who lives with me? What does it look like where I live? How do I get to school? The book will be shared online with the school community.

Preparation During Travel

I will research typical family and school life in the areas that we will be visiting in Peru.