Researching a Trip

Contributor :

Anitra Shaw

Action Plan

I will gather as much cultural information as possible for each city/town in Morocco which I visit by listening and asking questions of people . I will also take photos of historical landmarks, monuments and culturally significant icons.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I am planning to provide a packet about several of the cities/towns in Morocco for groups of students to research for their own cultural education trip. Student groups will research the information about the cities, historical monuments, and photos to decide their goal for a trip to Morocco and their itinerary. I will model how to research a trip, set goals, and create a simple itinerary using scaffolding of each part of trip planning. Students will use computers or iPads to do additional research and create a presentation with photos and descriptions of cultural landmarks. Student groups will present their information and persuade the other students why they should go on their tour.

Preparation During Travel

I will research the cultural significance of the cities in Morocco which I will be visiting. This will include historical landmarks, cultural influences, and fun culturally unique opportunities.