Contributor :

Janet Matthews

Action Plan

I will attend a performance of The Ramayana, visit books stores, museums, and temples to photograph as many images as possible that will relate to this project.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I teach the Ramayana and would like to show my students how aspects of this epic is reflected in Indonesian culture through the use of masks, temple reliefs, and performance. I will use my project photos as exemplars for my students to research and create masks that reflect the deities and demons pervasive in the epic of Rama and Sita. Using an interactive digital poster, students will digitize their masks and create an audio file that explains the importance of the deity or demon in relation to the moral lessons of the epic. These posters will be on exhibit in our school media arts center.

Preparation During Travel

Since The Ramayana is in the oral tradition, I will research the variations of the Indonesian retelling. During my research, I will exam how the oral tradition became part of the written tradition.