Radioactivity in Rocks

Contributor :

Dr. Linda Gigliette

Action Plan

Take LabQuest with me on excursions and record levels of radioactivity, both digitally and manually. In addition, take photographs of the rock formations, so that so that students can compare them.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I teach physics to high school students. I plan to create a Geo-Physics lesson whereby I will measure the level of radioactivity in the igneous rock at various locations within the Galapagos Islands. I will bring a LabQuest and Radioactivity sensor (a modern day Geiger Counter) - sampling will only take place in the air immediately above the rock - no physical samples will be required. Once I return to school, students will then analyze the data and determine trends. Additionally, students will compare levels of radioactivity in the Galapagos rocks to the levels of radiation in rocks around the school site.

Preparation During Travel

Make sure that the equipment is prepared, calibrated, and ready to use. Create a data table to use in the field (backup to the LabQuest).