Contributor :

Dave Brewer

Action Plan

I will be actively collecting and labeling small samples from various locations and taking sample photographs, in situ, in places we visit. I hope to talk to “park rangers” or experts at different locations to learn more. I will also be staying in Christchurch for several nights following our GEEO Adventure and exploring the damage done by the recent earthquake.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I will use my photos and rock and mineral samples from New Zealand as part of the Plate Tectonics: Ring of Fire Tour. I will also include photos and samples from my trips to Iceland and Hawaii. We will compare and contrast the different plate tectonic activity occurring in each of these three locations and create clay models to demonstrate. Also, one of our schools uses naturally heated groundwater to warm the building so we will explore links to geothermal energy use in New Zealand and thermal energy transfer.

Preparation During Travel

I am currently researching the geological and paleontological history of the region. Also, I'm studying the Maori culture and the flora and fauna on the island as I hope to incorporate this into my lessons, as well.