Contributor :

Kim Jones

Action Plan

I will document, through photos, a journal and hopefully through talking to local experts, evidence of volcanic activity and how the volcanic activity influences the energy usage in Iceland. I hope to be able to learn about how the moving plates that comprise Iceland has an impact of culture and the economy.

Pre-Departure Preparation

One of the topics in science I teach is plate tectonics. Iceland is one of the areas we feature. In each class, the students work in 8 groups representing 8 tectonically active regions of the world. One of the regions is Iceland. Iceland sits on two plates, and has a lot of volcanic activity. I plan to share with my students any information I can gather during my travels. Also, as part of an environmental studies magnet, we explore alternative energy. The geothermal energy that Iceland uses is something I want to document to share with my colleagues, students, and community.

Preparation During Travel

I am looking for a good map to use that I can carry easily. Plus, I am researching cameras to use to document what I see.