Plate Tectonics

Contributor :

Jan Gautier

Action Plan

1. Collect rock and sand samples.
2. Take photos of landscape, volcanoes, ocean area.
3. Keep notes of each island with photos to match examples of the areas.
4. Talk with area people and get ideas from other teachers on the trip.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I teach Earth Science in the Middle School. In my units, I cover the topic of plate tectonics. I am planning to use photos, rock samples, actual visit experience to teach about volcano formation. Because the islands of the Galapagos are in various stages of volcanic growth, activity and age, they are the perfect example to use for classes. I have traveled to several active volcanoes in Hawaii, Italy and now the Galapagos. The pictures and information I take will help in teaching the differences of the different types of volcanoes visited. Because the Galapagos are the place where Darwin created his theory of Evolution, I think all science teachers should be familiar with this theory and visit the place that gave him insight.

Preparation During Travel

I plan to read several of the books on the trip's reading list to help familiarize myself with the area's volcanoes, landscapes and people.