Peru Project Based learning Unit

Contributor :

Hanna Poston

Action Plan

I will gather information on animals of the amazon, their habitat, and why their habitat is in danger. I will investigate what is putting the rainforest in danger and how people in general would be able to help.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I am a third grade teacher and a lead teacher for project based learning (PBL). I plan to create a cross curricular PBL unit drawing from my experience in Peru and most specifically the Amazon. Students will be engaged in science, social studies, and literacy activities stemming from the question posed to them at the beginning of the unit: How can I help save the Amazon rainforest? In order to answer this question for themselves, students will need to develop a deep understanding of the animals and the habitats in which they live and thrive. Students will also need to figure out ways in which they can help conserve these natural habitats. Students will not only be mastering science content knowledge (conservation, habitats, and animal adaptations), but students will be utilizing geography skills and looking at many fiction and non-fiction texts in order to better understand the Amazon, it's location, culture, people and multitude of animals within.

Preparation During Travel

I will find fiction and non fiction texts on various reading levels about the Amazon and Peru.