Oral Presentation Skills

Contributor :

Samantha West

Action Plan

I will try to collect and save money to bring back to my classroom and talk with the locals in Spanish as much as I can so that I can immerse myself into their language and culture.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I teach a unit on foreign currency in my Life Skills class. This lesson also incorporates oral presentation skills. I plan to do my example presentation with the Peruvian money that I pick up on this trip. In that presentation, I can incorporate anything about Peru that I want tell them. I also hope to learn more about Spanish words that derive from Latin and incorporate it into my lessons. The students at my school are required to take Spanish until 8th grade then they can take Latin instead. I hope that I can teach them a little of both so that there is not such a divide between the departments.

Preparation During Travel

I will need to know some basics of Spanish and study the economy of Peru. The economy will greatly help me with the presentation on the monetary system.