Music In Islam

Contributor :

Angela Flook

Action Plan

I will organize my free time in order to witness as much local music as possible. When appropriate, I will take videos of live performances/prayer so I can share them with my students. I also will purchase/collect recordings if possible. If possible, I will purchase instruments to take home for use in the classroom.

Pre-Departure Preparation

In all of my classes, I would like students to examine music in Morocco. I would like to specifically focus on the role music plays within the Muslim religion to provide students an opportunity to compare/contrast it to the role of music in Christian cultures. After examining the use of music in Islamic cultures, chorus classes will perform selected repertoire influenced, inspired, reflective of the religious or popular music from Morocco. Choral works will be performed live during one of our concerts.

Preparation During Travel

I will need to research music in Morocco/Muslim cultures.