Multiple Ideas For Morocco Teaching

Contributor :

Don Jenkins

Action Plan

I will take many pictures and videos, as well as notes. I will also discuss with other teachers how best to incorporate our experiences in the classroom.

Pre-Departure Preparation

Current events is something we cover once a week in my class and frequently we discuss topics about the Middle East. Visiting Morocco and interacting with people who live in Morocco will give me insights into current events which I can share with my students. I would also like to bring back information about the geography, government, and culture of Morocco in order for my students to compare and contrast these topics with Washington State. We will be traveling to many regions in Morocco such as the Sahara Desert and the Atlas Mountains which I will use to create lessons comparing the geography of Morocco with Washington State. The study tour also travels to rural and urban areas in Morocco which will serve as a basis of comparison with urban and rural residents in Washington State. I also teach about the Roman Empire and will incorporate what I learn about Volubilis into the unit about the expansion of the Roman Empire into Africa. I will be teaching about World War I and II this year in my classes so I want to learn about the impact of these wars on Morocco and North Africa and on the outcome of the wars overall. We will also be visiting many medinas and markets and I will create a lesson for students to compare Seattle's Pike Place Market with the markets of Morocco. I will be taking many photos throughout the two weeks in Morocco and will use these to engage my students about the different topics related to the Middle East which we cover in my classes. I have been fortunate to travel to many places I teach about and I often come up with curriculum ideas while immersed in the culture and interacting with other people on the trip.

Preparation During Travel