Multiple Egypt Lesson Ideas for ESL

Contributor :

Susan Shively Palmer

Action Plan

I will carefully pack so that I have room to bring back selective realia.
-I will also need to think through exactly what images I need to buy and photograph in order to adequately convey Egyptian culture to my students.” “I will:
-take lots of pictures:
-buy lightweight realia: scarabs, paintings, hieroglyphic representations, miniatures, textiles;
-selectively collect English language travel and tourist literature;
-acquire a classroom set of representative coinage;
-be open to ideas for a standards-fulfilling but satisfying art project!

Pre-Departure Preparation

I will use photographs and video recordings in PowerPoint, literature and realia from Egypt to create a lesson plans grades 2-5 that will engage students in the four domains of English Language Learning (speaking, listening, reading, writing) specifically: -encourage discussion using acquired academic vocabulary; -make listening an adventure when students are distinguishing English vocabulary in a non-academic setting; -use authentic literature to involve students in reading expository text; -enhance the students' personal involvement in an ancient civilizations/travel brochure writing project.

Preparation During Travel

I'm researching the archaeological background of Upper and Lower Egypt.