Migration Patterns of Humans to Iceland

Contributor :

Brian Bezner

Action Plan

I plan on creating a daily log or journal that details the different activities and landscapes of the places I visit. I also plan to take pictures of each of the cities I visit, making particular care to include pictures of important historical or geographic sites. Taken together, these will give my students a better understanding of my experiences. Lastly, I will save any pamphlets, ticket stubs, or other souvenirs that I accumulate while on my journey. The plan is to develop a digital scrapbook that can be viewed by the students to give a picture of my travels.

Pre-Departure Preparation

Preparation During Travel

Before I go on the trip, I will be reading The History of Iceland in order to gauge the early history in order to gain a perspective on the current state of the country. I plan on making notes to take with me to make connections between what is found in the book and what is found in present-day Iceland.