Jordan’s Role in Modern History

Contributor :

Amy Perkins

Action Plan

Keep notes– recording insights gained, information shared, etc. Take pictures and video footage to be shared with students and teachers upon my return.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I will use the images, video, and insights gained from our time in Jordan to help my AP World History students connect historical information with contemporary realities. We will investigate the geopolitical importance of Jordan in the 21st century as well as evaluate the extent to which Jordan's geographic location positioned it at the heart of ancient trade routes and empires. Also, I will share my experiences in Jordan with my cohort of teachers participating in University of Michigan's MENA-SEA Teacher Program in 2019-2020. Finally, I will create an iMovie, integrating my images and video clips into a coherent presentation that illustrates our experience in Jordan. This video will be shared with students, educators, and members of the public.

Preparation During Travel

I have been researching the sites included on our itinerary so that I'm better prepared to take full advantage of my time in Jordan.