Irish Independence and Irish Writers

Contributor :

Lexa Speth

Action Plan

I will be journaling daily after each journey to record details, reactions from locals in the area, and information from the lectures or local guides. I will also be taking photos to help visualize the Irish fight for independence.

Pre-Departure Preparation

Since I am a civics teacher, I will bring back for a comparison the history of Ireland and its fight for independence. The history I learn during the trip will be compared to the US fight for independence from the British, as well. Additionally, since I also teach English, the lessons I learn from the trip about Irish writers and literature will be used to enhance the literature I include in studies for my students.

Preparation During Travel

I am researching ahead of time the basic timeline and history of Ireland, so the information I learn as I go be enhanced, and I will be better prepared with questions I may encounter as I travel.