Icelandic Literature

Contributor :

Suzanne Sutton

Action Plan

I know that Icelanders are avid readers and book-buyers, especially around the holidays, and would like to opportunity to speak to booksellers and/or teachers about the importance and joy of the written word in their country. I would love to have some bits of wisdom and motivation to share with my students about how reading is essential to their way of life.

Pre-Departure Preparation

As a literature teacher, I'm always on the lookout for new stories and cultural practices to introduce my students to in order to showcase literacy around the world. While there, I plan to visit as many cultural venues as I can to collect stories and history of the nation so that I can introduce my students to the country and prepare cross-cultural activities, such as studying the tradition of medieval sagas. I would also like to better understand the love that Icelanders have for books and why they are so important to their culture.

Preparation During Travel

I am researching literature native to Iceland so that I will be familiar with major works, both historical and modern.